The creators of 3LORe wish to thank Ismail S. Talib for his guidance throughout our course in Stylistics and the Teaching of Literature and his generosity in allowing us to use terms and definitions from his List of Key Terms in Literature.

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the work being done on the English language, whether it be in the fields of literature or linguistics. Millions (or billions?) communicate in English around the world each day and yet do not know the intricacies of the language or why we say the things we do. Scholarship into this area will continue to contribute toward our understanding of not only language but ourselves as a signifying species.

In time, perhaps we will yet find ourselves all speaking one language, be it English, Chinese, Esperanto, Spanish, Gikuyu or Tagalog. In time also, perhaps we will find a way to resolve our differences through clear, open and civilised communication.

--- The Creators of 3LORe.


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