How to Use 3LORe

How to Use 3LORe

3LORe has been designed to make your search for a term as easy as possible. Unfortunately, a search engine could not at this time be added to the site. However, you can navigate around the site using the links.

The main row of links at top of each page will take you to the different pages in 3LORe. You can go to the main page which lists all the terms, visit the About 3LORe page to find out more about the website, learn how to make the best of your visit to 3LORe through the How to Use 3LORe page, look at related links or read the acknowledgements.

In the main page, there is a row of alphabetical links near the top of the page which will take you to the beginning of a listing for each letter. Conversely, at the end of each alphabetical listing, there is a "Back to the Top" button on the right side of the page (similar to the one appearing in the bottom right corner of this page) which will allow you to jump back to the top of the main page. If you would prefer to see a complete listing of the terms in 3LORe, click on the link just above the alphabetical links.

Each entry in the 3LORe listings is formatted in a particular manner. The terms all appear in bold on the left side of the page. The definitions appear immediately to the right of the terms. Below the definitions, there might be examples, links to similar terms (under the category "Compare with") and/or links to related terms (under the category "See also").

We hope you will find it easy to use 3LORe and will recommend the site to your friends. Thank you!

--- The creators of 3LORe.


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